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Get to Know Me

Hi, I am Leslie Wood. I am an adventurer who is energized, playful, and strong. I am a guide who is authentic, empathetic, and optimistic. I am a presence of connection, gratitude, and love. These are the things that shape my core identity of the person I strive to be everyday. In addition, I am a wife of 21 years to a fantastic partner, a mother of two children with ASD, and a School Counselor at a rural K-12 public school in Mississippi, as well as a counselor at Pathways Therapy Center in Tupelo, MS. 


 I am a unique coach because I have completed a 300 day Optimize Coaching program that has taught me the theories that I have practiced and then mastered. I work on the three core areas of Self-Care, Your Passion, and Relationships to excel and set realistic goals for growth in all of these areas. 


I believe everyone has the divine within them that wants to become the best version of themselves. They may lack the support, education, or practice that comes with becoming that person. I can help educate them in their mindset, provide support, and guide them into a practice of self-mastery. 


My mission is to help you develop your mission in life. What goals do you have for yourself with creating your optimal Energy? How will you balance being active and being calm or centered? What goals do you have for your work or what do you want to achieve? What goals do you have for your relationships? How do you want them to grow or improve? 

My Qualifications

Trusted Life Coach


I hold a teaching license and have worked with special needs children. I taught for four years, two of those in a critical needs teacher shortage area, and two in an alternative school. Then I completed my masters degree in school counseling. I later added a specialist degree in Play Therapy as I started working in a private practice part time. I currently have my PLPC which is a provisional mental health license to be completed in about a year's time. I have been a school counselor for 14 years and have been in private practice for 7 years. As a school counselor and a special needs teacher as well as parent, I have the knowledge and skills to work with all types of people and problems. In addition, I have spent an enormous amount of time striving to become the best version of myself that I can possibly be in all areas of my life. I study and prepare everything I can on personal growth and development as well as other areas of interests such as ASD.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”


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